The Black Cap | Wool – Cashmere

The perfect headwear object for everyone, to wear from Fall-to-Spring, developed by LON


Low sun or light drizzle on those cool days. However wearing this unconstructed, premium and elegant cap, makes it very pleasant.

All local A-grade materials are thoroughly sourced and tested. Cashmere has its origin in the Himalayan region and has some strong characteristics:

  • very light
  • extremely soft
  • breathable
  • it easily regulates moisture.

Our fabric is blended with Virgin Wool and that makes the fabric stronger and together with cashmere it is gorgeous in colors. The fabric will hardly smell because of the naturally antibacterial properties.

The adjustable strap makes the cap suitable for everyone. The gun-metal details ultimately give this object a refined luxurious appearance.

A small group of craftsmen in Shanghai with more than 20 years of experience in headwear making only, have done a great job in making this amazing object.

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