Shearling Gloves | Style and comfort in winter

Never thought that there are natural and comfortable gloves that will really protect the hands against cold?

grey shearling gloves

These stylish LON gloves are and have been manually crafted of high quality Spanish Merino Shearling.

This famous breed of sheep, which is the best and most recognized for this type of clothing objects, has been established in Spain more than 500 years ago.

And a Shearling is a sheep between one and two years of age that has been shorn only once. The sheepskins from these shearling sheep used for our gloves, have a very soft suede surface on the outside and clipped dense fur of very fine wool on the inside.

shearling gloves grey

In Istanbul, true masters with decades of experience have processed the skins to achieve the ultimate smooth touch and beautiful colours. From there the skins were sent to Transylvania, where highly skilled craftsmen ultimately have cut and stitched the gloves one by one in an artisanal way.

All in all these LON gloves have a number of unique features:

▪︎ Smooth touch
▪︎ Temperature regulating
▪︎ Breathable
▪︎ Moisture regulating
▪︎ Neutralising odour
▪︎ Natural antibacterial properties
▪︎ Water repellent
▪︎ Intense colors
▪︎ Hand stitched

These LON gloves are true natural clothing objects. This means that they are never identical, but they are very original.  If you handle the gloves with care, you will certainly enjoy them for a long time.

shearling gloves range brown, black and light grey

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