Soft cashmere scarves | Crafted in Germany

Once worn, you will never accept to wear anything else. From Fall to Spring this essential and extremely soft object that comfortably protects you against those chilly and cold days, is the first desirable object to wear.

In a more than 130 year old family company in Bavaria, 15 Masters of crafts with a unique experience in material and craftsmanship are dedicated to the development of these high quality objects.

Thanks to a particularly gentle dying process and careful roughening with the finest natural thistles, they succeed every day in creating valuable and noticeably soft products that develop your special feel-good character even after many years.

The fibers are thoroughly sourced and tested. Cashmere wool has its origin in the Himalayan and Mongolian region. And this top-quality has carefully combed out of the downy hair of the cashmere goat by hand.

The delicate fabrics have some unique product features:

▪︎ Extremely soft handfeel
▪︎ Light weight
▪︎ Breathable
▪︎ Moisture regulating
▪︎ Neutralising odour
▪︎ Natural antibacterial properties
▪︎ Intense colors
▪︎ Fringed ends
And we have developed some gorgeous colour for you.
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