Mission Statement

How nice it is to pay a little attention to live in style. We mean that you have beautiful objects around you, or wear them. It will give an ultimate comfort and joy to your life any time.

Our high quality objects have been designed, developed or selected with attention or based on functional experience. No explanation is needed. LON just love to share the designers ideas and strive that our Lifestyle Objects are valuable for you and will last for long.

It is in our Nature to have more with less. We follow our own rhythm and strive for sustainability. Our urban concept is a tribute to the origin of the design. Contemporary or all time. Global or local.

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2.0 | the necessary reset of our mindset

No fear but confidence
Not indifferent but critical
Not “old school” but “future proof”
No products but objects
Not mass but limited 
Not average but aesthetic

True awareness to make a significant difference and increase your positive impact.

Building on a versatile selection of objects for self-conscious people. We simply love beautiful objects.

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