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It is in our nature to have more with less

Make the difference

Live in style. Have a true awareness to make a significant difference and increase your positive impact.

A versatile selection of timeless and urban objects for self-conscious people. We simply love beautiful objects.

It is in our Nature to have more with less. We follow our own rhythm and strive for sustainability and less waste.

Winter Needs

Printmaking by hand | Emma Lawrenson


Using specific skills while making beautiful objects by hand. 

With attention to detail and design, eye for quality and function and sense of beauty.

 The philosophy of making a high-quality and durable object is a way to pay respect to the object, its users, its maker and the nature.

 That is what we would like to carry out and live by, while developing or selecting our objects.

Printmaking by hand | Emma Lawrenson

Our Premium Wool Cashmere Cap

▪︎ Soft black wool with cashmere

▪︎ Label of recycled cotton

▪︎ 7,5 cm bill with 6 top stitches

▪︎ 6 panel crown and button

▪︎ Natural comfortable properties

▪︎ Adjustable size by gun metal buckle


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Shearling Gloves | Style and comfort in winter

Never thought that there are natural and comfortable gloves that will really protects the hands against cold?

These stylish LON gloves are and have been manually crafted of high quality Spanish Merino Shearling. This famous breed of sheep, which is the best and most recognized for this type of clothing objects, has been established in Spain more than 500 years ago.

And a Shearling is a sheep between one and two years of age that has been shorn only once. The sheepskins from these shearling sheep used for our gloves, have a very soft suede surface on the ...

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Concrete Desk Set Light Grey

Concrete desk collection | Designed by Magnus Pettersen

Getting organized is often as simple as having the right tools. The Concrete Desk Set is a great way to ensure that everything has its place and stays there. A pure and simple form, informs of the functional aspect of the objects. The smooth casting from solid concrete gives the objects a tactile texture.

Magnus Pettersen was born in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1982. He studied product and furniture design at Kingston University and received an MA in in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins. In 2010, Magnus set up his design studio in...

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