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We dare to say that certain books in your home can be a true object. Because nowadays a lot of attention has been paid to the design of the cover. It not only tells what it says, but also inspires the reader through the use of material, images, colours and words. It would therefore be a shame to store these objects in the closet. No, have them around you and they will match your interior. Then they are also easier to grab and they will let your thoughts go for moment, as you flip through page by page. 

We encourage people to find moments for themselves and take the time to step out of the hectic world for certain moments. Getting inspired how to live slowly. With our selected books you will certainly manage. Is it about your house, garden or another way of traveling? If you think it's time to make some changes in your life, find your inspiration here.


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Two words that sum up the life of interior stylist Bea Mombaers.

They exemplify how the foundation of Bea’s world is formed by her innate fascination for things with a past life, for objects that tell an extraordinary story, combined with an unsurpassed sense of how to create a unique atmosphere. 

Together with photographer Raf Maes and designer Geoffrey Brusatto, Bea spent the past two years travelling through her own universe. They visited homes both in Belgium and abroad and made beautiful images of the interiors that Bea has put together, but also of intriguing details, beautiful still lifes and objects that tell a story that Bea loves.

The result is a beautiful book in which the images are arranged according to the different moments in a day.


Kinfolk Travel 

The next book in the highly successful Kinfolk series, exploring the art of travel across five continents.

Explore the art of mindful travel with Kinfolk, the pioneers in “slow living,” their philosophy of simplicity, authenticity, intentionality and community. With nearly 450,000 copies in print, the Kinfolk series has applied this philosophy to entertaining (The Kinfolk Table), interior design (The Kinfolk Home), and living with nature (The Kinfolk Garden). Now they have turned their attention to “slow travel,” offering readers a road map for planning trips that foster meaningful connections with local people and authentic experiences of local culture.

Go museum hopping in Tasmania, or birdwatching in London. Explore the burgeoning fashion community in Dakar. Take a bicycle tour through Idaho, or a train trip from Oslo to Bergen. Drawing on the magazine’s global community of writers and photographers, Kinfolk Travel takes readers to over 20 location across five continents, with travel tips from locals, stunning images, and thoughtful essays.

John Burns is the editor in chief of Kinfolk, a quarterly magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk delves into personal values and quality of life, and inspires its readers to approach life with intention, energy, and a sense of community. Burns is also the author of The Kinfolk Garden; other books in this series include The Kinfolk TableThe Kinfolk Home, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur.


The Japanese Garden

An in-depth exploration spanning 800 years of the art, essence, and enduring impact of the Japanese garden.

The most comprehensive exploration of the art of the Japanese garden published to date, this book covers more than eight centuries of the history of this important genre. Author and garden designer Sophie Walker brings fresh insight to this subject, exploring the Japanese garden in detail through a series of essays and with 100 featured gardens, ranging from ancient Shinto shrines to imperial gardens and contemporary Zen designs. Leading artists, architects, and other cultural practitioners offer personal perspectives in newly commissioned essays.

In 2014 Sophie Walker became the youngest woman to design a garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Having studied art history, Sophie later qualified in horticulture, plant science, and garden design. Based in London, she practises globally. In addition to designing gardens, Sophie lectures on conceptual design, the Japanese garden, planting, and the garden environment.

"There are many books that have been written on Japanese gardens, on their beauty, their philosophy and their history. What is so significant/exceptional about Sophie's book is the way in which her essays unveil the very contemporary relevance of the subject. I love her writing; she brings the ancient art of these gardens into the context of today."—Luciano Giubbilei, garden designer

"Sophie Walker: a name to watch." —Independent

"The act of seeing, and the concentration of seeing, takes an effort. The gardens impose that effort on you if you want to see them. It's another way of ordering your vision, and it slows down your vision." —Richard Serra

"Japanese gardens present a world that is profoundly un-human. The driving principle is not anthropocentricism, but rather keeping in step with the providence of the universe." —Lee Ufan


Still: The Slow Home

A stunning visual journey through the homes of people from around the world who have taken steps to simplify their lives and embrace the principles of slow living

Still is a stunningly photographed interiors book that invites readers to take on the philosophy of the SLOW movement. Living Sustainably. Local. Organic. And Whole.

Still features 20 indepth studies of inspirational interiors designed according to the SLOW principles. The owners explain why they chose this path and how it has benefited their lives. All of the homes have been exclusively photographed by renowned interiors photographer Chris Warnes. The book features homes from Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and North Africa, offering readers the opportunity to see outstanding examples of SLOW interiors from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in these tranquil spaces.

Natalie Walton is an interiors stylist and writer, who runs the popular design blog Daily Imprint. Her work has been featured in Elle Decoration UK,Living Etc, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and House & Garden. Chris Warnes is a leading interiors photographer.


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