All about Linen

Linen is made from the flax plant Linum and is one of the oldest natural fibers that has been used. It goes back thousands of years when flax fibers were used to weave linen textiles. And throughout history, it has been used in ancient civilizations, including ancient Egypt, where flax was a sacred symbol of light and purity for its positive effects on health and beauty. Later it became very important in the growing economies in Europe and America. Linen used to be mainly used for all kinds of articles, but in the last 30 years it has been used for 70% only for clothing textiles.


The quality of the finished linen depends on growing conditions and harvesting techniques. Northern Europe has the best quality flax because of the suitable soil, the perfect climatic conditions and the very strong skills. The longer the fibers are, the better the quality of the linen.

In August, 100 days after sowing in early spring, the flax plant blooms for just 1 day with beautiful light blue flowers. Immediately after this day it is the right time to harvest.

flax plant

Flax is environmentally friendly and sustainable. During growth it does not need any fertilizers or pesticides and it absorbs a lot of CO2 and nitrogen in the meantime.

Every part of the plant is used;

  • fibers are used for linen, paper and rope
  • seeds are used for oil production for natural paints, soaps and cosmetics
  • the remaining parts are used for animal feed because they are rich in protein

Linen has some very strong properties that make it very popular for all kinds of products today. It is durable because it is stronger than cotton and it has hypoallergenic properties and a cool-touch effect.

LON has selected a beautiful lightweight and soft scarf made of easy care 100% washed linen. The ecological flax is grown in Normandy, France and is sent from there to the artisans of Lapuan Kankurit in Finland who have made this scarf.

 beige pure linen scarfblue pure linen scarf

The positive properties of this comfortable natural object and the deliberate and natural slightly wrinkled effect give the linen scarf the best look and feel. LON has selected three soft mélange colours of this beautiful and stylish clothing object that is your perfect companion for chilly summer evenings or other chill moments in spring or autumn.

linen scarfs

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