Flensted Mobiles | unique home objects from Denmark

It all started in Aalborg (Denmark) in 1953 when Christian Flensted cut out 2 straws and 3 paper storks to celebrate the christening of his daughter. The result was the Stork Mobile, which was being conceived of as being fun, ingenious and personal gift, but ended up as the prelude to Flensted Mobiles. 


For only a year after, the firm Flensted Mobiles was born and to this very day this first model has remained in production. Started in a three-room flat with the workplace on the dining table and the storage under the sofa, the production increased and the family returned to their native island Funen. There they settled in an idyllic farmhouse and ultimately they moved to a former schoolbuilding, because of further growth. In this historically interesting residence, Flensted with his creative capacity, continued to create elegant, classic designs – and unique, extraordinary mobiles that can both set their surroundings in motion and create a balance of mind.

In 1982 Christian and his wife Grethe decided to pass the baton on to their son Ole and his wife Aase. They have continued to operate the company ever since, paying respect to its ideals and creative angle on the world. They could leave their mark on the company – new mobiles came onto the drawing board, and the Flensted  mobiles found their way around the world.

Nowadays, the collection exists more than 200 unique styles. And all mobiles are designed and crafted by hand in Denmark, by approximately 50 homeworkers across the island. 

LON selected the extraordinary beautiful ‘Drifting Clouds’ that has been designed in 2016. This mobile of stainless steel and Finnish wood is available in a black and a natural wood colour.

‘Imagine you are looking up into the sky. Gazing at the Drifting Clouds hanging above you.

Following its elegant movements. Then close your eyes for just a second and see where your thoughts take you.

Perhaps you are suddenly laying in a field of grass, on a warm summer day, watching the clouds pass by in a blue sky.’


That is the sort of thing Drifting Clouds can do – take you off on a light, lovely journey.


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