Original serigraphy prints | crafted by Emma Lawrenson

LON had the opportunity to select some beautiful pieces of art from the British artist Emma Lawrenson. She is making all her fine and abstract serigraphy prints in her farmhouse studio in the Yorkshire countryside. 

About Emma Lawrenson

After studying in the nineties for an M.A. in printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London, Emma describes it as an experience that has shaped her life ever since.
The techniques and formal qualities of printmaking have always fascinated Emma, and her work is an engagement with the process, where she is passionate about craftsmanship.

“I have always been fascinated by the techniques and formal qualities of printmaking, and my work is largely an engagement with the process. The process of screen printing and the time it takes to build up a final image is what holds the beauty of a piece; it’s a fundamental part of its soul. 

My work ultimately emerges by intuition, with inspiration gathered from moments in time; landscapes, places, shadows, shapes, colours and everything in-between. I try to preserve these moments and memories in print, creating my interpretation of the world through layering, mark-making and carefully considered colour.

My expertise and knowledge of printmaking spans over 20 years. Each piece of work is hand printed, sometimes in up to 20 colours using traditional techniques. This is a very labour intensive process requiring each colour to be printed individually, left to dry and then the next layer of colour printed. Some of the prints are finished with pencil or conte crayon. I make my editions very small, so you are buying something unique and special.
The idea of the hand-made is really important in my work. Everything is hand drawn, hand cut and hand printed”.

Her work has appeared in many magazines including ‘Vogue’, ‘House and Gardens’, ‘Art Review’, ‘Country Living’, ’25 Beautiful Homes’ amongst others. She has even had work on film and television sets in America with Universal Studios.

Emma Lawrenson has regularly exhibited her work on the Royal Academy summer show and she has gone on to exhibit and sell her work all over the world.

Fabriano Paper

All of her original prints are screenprints on Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm, which is a mould made paperboard and suitable for all printmaking techniques. This long life paper which consists of 60% cotton is produced in a neutral environment and without any acids.

Fabriano is a true institute regarding paper making, with more than 750 years of history, 4 production plants in Italy, more than 3000 catalogue products and distribution to over 100 countries. Fabriano paper is part of Italy’s cultural heritage and is chosen by millions of students and artists every year, in Italy and all over the world. 

What is an original artist’s print?

At its simplest, we define an original print as an artwork that has been manually printed by the artist. It is not a reproduction.

The artist will have created an image on block, stone, plate or screen from which the final print is produced. They will choose the paper that the image is printed on and will determine the edition size of the print (the number of copies printed).

Once printed, the artist will then number and sign each of the prints. Once an edition has sold out, no more can be made.



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