Imabari, the heart of towel making in Japan

In Imabari in Japan, craftsmen have perfected the art of towel making for over 100 years. Nowadays Imabari is known as the heart of towel making in Japan and has established its position as a representative of Japanese quality with its “safe, secure, and high quality” products. The towels’ softness and good water absorbency as special features, have especially gained popularity and its reputation is recognized around the world.

Soft and pure underground water makes the towel soft

Imabari’s great environment has helped to nurture its leading position in Japan. The climate is warm with abundant water and the area is rich of nature. The highest mountain of Western Japan, Mount Ishizuchi is nearby and there are several natural water springs around. The underground water of Sojagawa River that flows through Imabari is soft water with very few impurities. This water is gentle to the yarn and material of the towel and allows delicate and bright colours while bringing out the natural softness of the cotton used.

Unique skills in each step

Various artisanal skills can be seen in the details of each towel-making step including yarn handling, weaving, dye composition, and the unique Sakizarashi Sakizome technique. In this step, the strings have been dyed first to ensure that the colours do not fade as easily. Without artfully completing each step with care and dedication, the distinctive towels crafted in Imabari cannot be born.

High quality and functionality assurance

The certified and united towel makers in Imabari have set together their own quality inspection method. For example, there is the “five-second rule”. This checks whether a fiber of the towel sinks within five seconds, after it is placed on water. This is a unique inspection to guarantee water absorbency that is so characteristic for towels crafted in Imabari. Only towels that pass such standards will be certified and can wear the distinctive Imabari label. Nowadays towels with this special label are recognized and appreciated globally.

Japan Waffle Towel developed by LON

LON has developed together with one of the most prestigious makers in Imabari the beautiful and functional Japan Waffle Towel.

Despite the comfortable large size of 130 x 60 cm, this desirable object only weights about 265 grams.

The towel has a very subtle 3-d effect because it has been woven in a relief-like structure. Thereby does this particular light weight fabric have a larger surface, so that the towel will dry quickly.

The fabric structure, that contains 6 different yarns, has also a slightly massaging effect when drying and comes in several beautiful melange colours.

Together with the unique Imabari features of a very high water absorption and the soft handfeel, we believe that the Japan Waffle Towel is the perfect bath textile object that you need every day.