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Why has foot care always been so underrated by so many people?

It really pays taking good care of your feet, which take you everywhere 365 days a year. And wearing a good and durable pair of socks is very important. We at LON do not think of “ordinary” and do not do mediocrity. We innovate and always set high standards, because we only accept the best.

Egyptian Cotton - Cashmere socks

These LON socks and knee socks are a result of in-depth research and development, which we carried out together with our experienced partner in Northern Portugal. In their specialized studio, we decided to bring together high-quality materials and refined knitting techniques.

First we looked at the fibers and yarns and then worked out the perfect composition of the following 4 materials:

Egyptian cotton is special and the finest and the most premium cotton in the world. The straighter, extra-long and thin fibers are  exclusively hand-picked in the Nile Delta in Egypt and contribute to their super smooth feel. It is stronger, more breathable, moisture-wicking and absorbent, which helps regulate your body temperature 12 months a year and minimize unpleasant odor. 

staple length cotton fibers

Cashmere wool originates in the Himalayan region and this top quality cashmere has been carefully combed from the softer and woollier part of the goat's coat. It is very light, extremely soft, breathable and regulates moisture easily.

Cashmere goats    Cashmere hair

These 2 natural fibers together are mixed with the right amount of Polyamide and Elastane to make the socks stronger, more elastic and more dimensionally stable.

Once we were convinced of this material mix, we investigated  which circular knitting technique would be most suitable for our models. For an optimal fit and sufficient stimulating pressure on the feet, we decided that only an extra-fine rib knitting technique could meet these high demands. We also thought it was important  to design the socks in a number of elegant colour combinations, so that they are even more unique and easier to distinguish at home.

Egyptian Cotton - Cashmere socks              Egyptian Cotton - Cashmere kneesocks

Finally we have fine-tuned the optimized material mix and knitting technique and crafted an elegant style for men and a knee-high socks for women.

With this perfect mix of high-quality raw materials and Portuguese craftsmanship, LON has created these 2 luxurious and durable clothing objects with the following 10 superior and functional properties:

  1. Soft touch
  2. Light weight
  3. Breathable
  4. Cooling/heating effect
  5. Moisture regulating
  6. Neutralising odour
  7. Natural antibacterial properties
  8. Optimal and comfortable fitting
  9. Energising effect to the feet
  10. Subtle contrast-colour to distinguish your own socks at home

Egyptian Cotton - Cashmere socks

Last but not least, to extend the lifespan of these beautiful objects, always wash the socks inside out at 30 degrees.

Do you want a beautiful design and extremely good comfort for your feet? Then you really must have this 'all season' and sought-after clothing object with 10 functional features.

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